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The project

The main focus of our initiative is the "Sharena Fabrika" project.

In its various stages, the project plans for the restoration and reconstruction of some of the iconic buildings in the village of Golyama Zhelyazna, such as the old school, the bakery, and the bathhouse. As a result of implementing the project, an international professional campus and a meeting place for people interested in culinary arts and traditional crafts will be built.

The main pillars upon which the idea of an international educational center rests will be Culinary Arts (Culinary School) and Crafts (School for Traditional Crafts).

Our goal is to create an inspiring and creative space, promoting the development and dissemination of various traditional crafts and culinary skills, focusing on vocational training for individuals who have completed secondary education.

Support the "Sharena Zadruga" Initiative

The project has a fundraising fund. If you wish to support us, you can do so by clicking the button.

The plan

Our plan includes the reconstruction of the old school and several iconic village buildings such as the bakery and the bathhouse. Our desire is to restore them while preserving their architecture and spirit.

In the process of implementing the plan, we have involved a team of designers and architects, energy efficiency and heating experts, as well as geologists who have conducted surveys and studies of the terrain and buildings. So far, we have completely renovated all systems and installations, introducing new and modern technologies to make the spaces energy-efficient and sustainable.

Simultaneously, we are collaborating with culinary experts, craft specialists, and technical experts to develop modern technological plans for equipping each room and the common areas in the campus.

Culinary School

  • 4 floors (1670 кв.м.)

  • 1st Floor (Ground Floor) - Reception | Restrooms | 4 Teaching Kitchens | Café | Educational Restaurant with a Demonstration Kitchen

  • Mezzanine - Teacher's Room

  • 2nd Floor - Classroom | Administration | Library | 2 Multimedia Classrooms | Restrooms

  • Attic - Lounge Area | Photography Studio | Workspace and Relaxation Area

  • Basement - Service and Storage Areas

Zanayatchiino_Golqma_Jelyazna_shema_et0 copy.png

Craft School

  • 3 Floors

  • 1st Floor - Woodworking Workshop | Upholstery Workshop

  • 2nd Floor - Ceramics Studio | Pottery Studio | Porcelain Studio | Tile Painting Studio

  • 3rd Floor | Textile Studio | Iconography Studio | Weaving Studio

Teachers' House

  • 3 Floors (956 кв.м.) 

  • Ground Floor - 2 Apartments (Entrance hall, Bedroom, Living room with kitchen and dining area, Bathroom with toilet) | Common Area


  • 1st Floor - 3 Apartments (1 Bedroom, Living room with kitchenette, Bathroom and toilet)


  • 2nd Floor - 3 Apartments (1 Bedroom, Living room with kitchenette, Bathroom and toilet)


  • 3rd Floor - 3 Attic Apartments (1 Bedroom, Living room with kitchenette, Bathroom and toilet)

Teachers House, 1 floor,  Architectural plan
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