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Culinary School

A Project for the Development of a Professional International Culinary Arts School

The main school building will become an International Culinary Arts School under the patronage of an industry leader. Our focus will be on French Cuisine while also emphasising the preservation of traditional Balkan home style recipes and cooking styles, and offering a variety of programs such as Bread Making, Bakery and Specialized Master Classes.


International Culinary Arts Boarding & Day School, providing theoretical and practical specialized training in the chosen discipline. Courses are divided into Intro programs (2 weeks & 1 month) and Advanced Programs (2 months). Passing every level grants an EU culinary certificate. Passing all levels on 3 disciplines grants a professional national & EU Diploma.


School restaurant & bakery open to the general public where trainees of the school will be engaged in practical training.


The Sharena Kuhnya Culinary Arts School will have the capacity to host 80 students.



Our goal is to offer the students of Sharena Kuhnya the opportunity to develop professionally and to gain certification and recognition in the following disciplines:

  • French Cuisine

  • Balkan Home Style Cooking

  • Breadmaking

  • Pastry

  • Specialized International Cooking Courses

  • Master Classes

Starter team

The most important thing in every project is the team! We were lucky to gather a very strong team of experts. Starting with the invaluable collaboration and patronage of the world-renowned gastronomic giant Ferrandi Paris, and continuing with a highly experienced, creative, and truly dedicated group of local culinary specilists, we could n ot even wish for a better match! 

French Cuisine

To be announced

Balkan Kitchen 

Petko Tsochev & Dimitar Dobrev - Street Chefs



Greta Tsvetkova- Claire Cafe 


Presian Petrov - Baker Brothers

Master Classes

To be announced

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