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планирано откриване
Септември 2025


Sharena Fabrika
Culinary Arts & Heritage Crafts

Goliama Jeliazna village, Bulgaria

The Spark

The Sharena Zadruga Initiative was triggered by the discovery of a beautiful yet deserted crafts school campus hidden in the mountain village of Golyama Zhelyazna in Bulgaria. The immediate desire to revive this historic site and turn it into a vibrant, innovative gathering place for creative enthusiasts brought about the original idea of a Heritage Arts & Crafts Hub. Keeping the local traditions and spirit, we decided to focus on culinary art and handcrafts.

female-decorating-dough-with-spices (1).webp

Culinary School

A Project for the Development of 

a Professional International Culinary Arts  School with a focus on traditional ways of  cooking 


Crafts School

Project for the development of a heritage  crafts workshop focusing on woodcraft, ceramics, icon painting & traditional textiles

From scratch

We have started the reconstruction of the old school and the old village bakery & bathhouse buildings with the idea to restore their historical architecture and spirit as much as possible. At the same time, we are fully renovating all systems and installations, introducing new technologies to turn them into comfortable, energy efficient and sustainable spaces. 


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